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Ex-Liverpool player goes Dutch

Saturday, August 19 – 1922 Herbert Leavey, the ex-Barnsley forward, who lost an English Cup medal through getting his leg broken in a fourth round re-play, has been appointed to the position of coach and trainer to the Eindhoven Club in Holland. It is nine years years since […]

Scounting for Pompey

Saturday, April 1 – 1922 Bert Leavey (Herbert Leavey), who surprised his many friends at Bradford and Barnsley last season by giving up the player-managership of the Boscombe club to help Portsmouth for a short period, has returned to his former duties, and is acting in the capacity […]

Leavey to the Royal Engineers

Thursday, June 3 – 1915 H.J. Leavey (Herbert Leavey), the Bradford wing forward, has joined the Royal Engineers. It will be recalled that he assisted Barnsley when they won the English Cup in 1911-12, and in the third replay with Bradford City in the fourth round (it was […]

Herbert Leavey leaves Liverpool

Wednesday, August 30 – 1911 Barnsley have completed their list of players with the transfer of Herbert Leavey, outside left, of the Liverpool club, which was concluded on Wednesday night. The position was the weakness in the Oakwell combination. He will play against Huddersfield on Saturday. Leavey is […]

From Gainsborough with Lowe

Thursday, May 3 – 1911 The Liverpool Football Club are bent on getting their house in order at the earliest possible moment, and re-signings continue apace, while there is very welcome evidence that the directors are fully alive to every opportunity of strengthening their ranks. Liverpool have a […]

Reserves for Blackpool clash

Friday, December 30 – 1910 The Liverpool Reserves team to meet Blackpool Reserves at Anfield was selected as follows: – Beeby; Chorlton and Rogers; Scott, Hignett, and Bradley; Speakman, Thompson, Gilligan, Millar, and Leavey. (Evening Express, 30-12-1910)

Liverpool v Sunderland, Anfield, December 1910.

Liverpool v Sunderland 1-2 (League match)

Monday, December 26 – 1910 Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 14:15. Liverpool – Sunderland 1-2 (0-1). Attendance: 40,000. Referee: Mr. L. Bullimer. Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Hardy; Ephraim Longworth, Alf West; Robert Robinson, Jim Harrop, Donald Mackinlay; Arthur Goddard, Joe Brough, Sam Boywer, James Stewart, Herbert […]

Aston Villa v Liverpool, Villa Park, 1910.

Aston Villa v Liverpool 1-1 (League match)

Saturday, December 24 – 1910 Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Villa Park, kick-off: 14:15. Aston Villa – Liverpool 1-1 (0-1). Attendance: 16,000. Referee: Mr. R. Horrocks (Farnworth). Aston Villa (2-3-5): Billy George; Bert Lyons, John Kearns; George Tranter, Chris Buckley, George Hunter; Charlie Wallace, Joe Walters, Harry […]

Parkinson and Harrop doubtful

Friday, December 23 – 1910 Contrary to expectations, Liverpool decided last evening to make a couple of changes in their team to oppose Aston Villa, and it is possible that still further alterations may be necessary. It will be remembered that Jim Harrop sustained a nasty kick against […]

Liverpool Reserves v Oldham Athletic Reserves, Anfield, 1910.

Liverpool Reserves v Oldham Athletic Reserves 2-0

Saturday, December 3 – 1910 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Anfield. Liverpool Reserves – Oldham Athletic Reserves 2-0 (2-0). Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Peter Malone; Tom Rogers, Alf West; Ralph Holden, Ernest Peake, James Bradley; James Speakman, Joe Brough, John Macdonald, William Stuart, Herbert Leavey. Oldham Athletic Reserves (2-3-5): Howard […]

McDonald as centre forward

Friday, December 2 – 1910 McDonald, the Liverpool winger, will be seen at centre forward in the Liverpool Res. team at Anfield to-morrow, this move being rendered necessary owing to injuries to Gilligan and Orr, and the inclusion of Bowyer in the first team. The Liverpool side against […]

James Scott back for the reserves

Friday, November 11 – 1910 In the Liverpool Reserves team to meet Preston North End Reserves, at Deepdale, many League “stars” are included, while it is a pleasure to welcome the appearance of Scott, who is to fill the right half position. It will be remembered that this […]

Liverpool Reserves v Nelson 3-1

Saturday, November 5 – 1910 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Anfield. Liverpool Reserves – Nelson 3-1 (0-0). Attendance: 3,000. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Gus Beeby; Alf West, Tom Rogers; Barney Dillion, Ernest Peake, Donald Mackinlayø James Speakman, Joe Brough, Sam Gilligan, William Stuart, Herbert Leavey. Nelson (2-3-5): Hurst; Clarkson, Rimmer; […]

Burnley Reserves v Liverpool Reserves at Turf Moor, October 28 - 1910, from Burnley Express.

Burnley Reserves too strong

Saturday, October 29 – 1910 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Turf Moor. Burnley Reserves – Liverpool Reserves 3-0 (2-0). Attendance: 5,000. Referee: Mr. T. Lomax (Bolton). Burnley Reserves (2-3-5): Stephen Tillotson; Fred Barron, Tom Bamford; Robert Dodd, Billy Bannister, Hugh Moffatt; John Morley, Dick Lindley, Phil Smith, Charles Bates, […]

Reserves for Burnley trip

Thursday, October 27 – 1910 The following team was selected last evening to represent Liverpool Reserves against Burnley, at Burnley, tomorrow: – Beeby; Rogers and West; McConnell, Peake, and Mackinlay; Speakman, McDonald, Bowyer, Gilligan, and Leavey. Train leaves Exchange Station at three minutes past eleven. (Liverpool Daily Post, […]

Liverpool Reserves v Chorley, 1910

Liverpool Reserves draw with Chorley

Saturday, October 22 – 1910 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Anfield. Liverpool Reserves – Chorley 2-2 (2-2). Referee: Mr. C. Quinlan. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Gus Beeby; Tom Rogers, Alf West; Samuel Hignett, John McConnell, Donald MacKinlay; James Speakman, Herbert Leavey, Sam Bowyer, Sam Gilligan, John MacDonald. Chorley (2-3-5): Gaskell; […]

Reserves vs. Chorley

Thursday, October 20 – 1910 The Liverpool Reserves team to meet Chorley at Anfield on Saturday was yesterday selected as follows: – Beeby; West and Rogers; Hignett, McConell, and Mackinlay; Speakman, Leavey, Gilligan, Bowyer, and Macdonald. Kick off 3.15 p.m. (Evening Express, 21-10-1910)

Hardy and Harrop for the reserves

Friday, September 30 – 1910 Hardy and Harrop are due to play in the Reserve team at Bolton to-morrow, when the “Reds” oppose the Wanderers in a Lancashire Combination match. The full side is as follows: – Hardy; Rogers and West; Hignett, Harrop, and Mackinlay; Speakman, Leavey, Bowyer, […]

James Stewart back for the reserves

Friday, September 23 – 1910 Liverpool Reserves are at home to Manchester City Reserves, and the following team will represent the Reds: – Sam Hardy; Tom Rogers and Alf West; Barney Dillon, Sam Hignett, and James Bradley; Sam Speakman, Herbert Leavey, Sam Bowyer, James Stewart, and Harold Uren. […]

1910 LFC Res v Xaverians

Old Xaverians v Liverpool Reserves 2-9

Saturday, September 17 – 1910 Reserves, friendly, at Lance-lane (Wavertree), kick-off: 15:15. Old Xaverians – Liverpool Reserves 2-9 (1-5). Old Xaverians (2-3-5): Lockhart; Evans, Wilcock; Kelly, Heaps, Shae; Kilburn, Sweeney, Lunt, McDowell, Wilson. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Peter Malone; Tom Rogers, Billy Dunlop; Barney Dillon, Sam Hignett, Donald Mackinlay; […]

Liverpool Reserves v Blackburn Rovers Reserves, Anfield, 1910.

Liverpool Reserves v Blackburn Rovers Reserves 1-1

Saturday, September 10 – 1910 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Anfield. Liverpool Reserves – Blackburn Rovers Reserves 1-1 (1-0). Attendance: 3,000. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Peter Malone; Ephraim Longworth, Alf West; Ernest Peake, Sam  Hignett, Donald Mackinlay; James Speakman, Herbert Leavey, Sam Bowyer, William Stuart, Harold Uren. Blackburn Rovers Reserves […]

Also changes in the reserve team

Friday, September 9 – 1910 More interesting experiments are being tried in the Reserve team. Now the Liverpool Club are fortunate in possession two centre half-backs of the first-class in Harrop and Peake, and it has often been remarked what a pity it was that Peake could not […]


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